Simferopol, krim

Veel uitleg over Simferopol op volgende url http://simferopol.russian-women.net/Simferopol is not only the capital of Crimean Republic, but in all respects is a point where all major roads, all economic interests and tourist routes cross. It is difficult to determine the age of the city. In fact the age of Simferopol is more then 2 centuries. A favorable geographical location of the city "makes" it play the role of the capital. After the annexation of the Crimean peninsular by the Russian crown, it was necessary to determine an administrative center of the annexed land. This is reflected in the name of the city Simferopol means "city-collector" in Greek.Nowadays the population of Simferopol is 400,000 people; it is the biggest city of the Crimea, a center of economic, cultural and scientific life of the republic. Temples and parks, well-groomed streets in the central part of the city, a unique Russian Drama Theater and splendid museums, stylish buildings dates back to the beginning of the last century can be seen here. The city lodges one of the biggest international airports in Ukraine. The air flights to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the Caucasus as well as to Europe, Asia and America are made from here. Among the city sights is a beautiful building of the railway terminal in Vokzalnaya Square, Kebir-Jami Mosque, which is the oldest building in the city, a travel house of General M. Vorontsov, Art museum and Crimean Republican Museum of Regional studies. Simferopol plays the main role in such spheres as administration, transport, education, culture and sport. The major Tavrichesky National University is situated there. Medical and Agricultural Universities are also in Simferopol.

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