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The Pamir Highway : The M41 starts at Kara-Balta in Kirgyzstan (60 Km west of Bishkek), travelling south to Osh in the Ferghana Valley. From Osh, the road ascends into the Alau Range of mountains to the crossroads at Sary-Tash. The M41 continues south, ascending to Kizyl-Art Pass (4,280 m), which forms the border with Tajikistan. The road then crosses the Pamir Plateau (Karakul Lake) and up to Ak-Baital Pass, at 4,655 m the highest stretch of road in the former USSR. The M41 continues through Murghab and Khorog to Dushanbe. A four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle is necessary to negotiate this road. You should allow a minimum of four days to drive the 1,252 Km from Osh to Dushanbe; more if you plan to do any sightseeing along the way. In spring and early summer there is a risk of the road being blocked by mudslides, so plan to allow an extra day or two just in case. In winter the high passes are closed by snow. The best time to travel is July to October.As this road passes through Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), you will need a GBAO Permit in addition to your visa.Karategin Valley There is a shorter route from Sary-Tash to Dushanbe through the Karategin Valley (497 Km). From Sary-Tash, go west along the A372 for 146 Km to reach the border. From here the road becomes mountainous and a 4WD vehicle is required.The guards at this border are not accustomed to seeing tourists, but it is possible to cross here. You should register with the KGB in Jirgital on your way down the valley.There were some security incidents in the Karategin Valley/Tavil-Dara area as recently as 2001, and there is also a risk of uncleared landmines in the mountains. Please check your government's travel advice and take local advice before travelling along this route. voor nog meer info kijk eens op deze site : http://www.pamirs.org/what_to_see.htm

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