wat is die GBAO permit...

Permit to visit Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO)Contents • What the GBAO Permit looks like • Travel from Dushanbe • Travel from Sary-TashGorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast starts at Kalaikhum and ends at the Kirgyz border at Kizyl-Art Pass. This region of Tajikistan is a special border zone and an additional permit is required to travel there. This is a great pity, as it is a bureaucratic obstacle to visiting one of the most stunningly beautiful, remote and fascinating parts of the world.From 2004, the GBAO permit is issued on a slip of paper issued by OVIR (the office for registering foreign citizens). Previously, the permit was stamped into your passport.The GBAO permit will list the regions in Gorno-Badakhshan that you are allowed to visit, which will be some or all of: Khorog, Murghab, Ishkashim, Vanj, Rushan and Darvaz. Sometimes it may say "all regions". Make sure that all the regions you plan to visit are listed. In particular, if you plan to travel in the Wakhan river valley the GBAO permit must have "Ishkashim" listed, or the Russian border guards will not permit you to pass.Even with the permit, you do not have unrestricted access to travel in Gorno-Badakhshan. Specifically, you need additional permission to visit Lake Sarez, Lake Zorkul, and some regions near to the Chinese or Afghan borders. - "de webmeesteres"

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